START:DASH!! English Translyrics

Well, would you look at that. Someone’s finally joining the bandwagon. All hail

Because they are all adorable waifus.

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Wag Mo Kong Iwan (Ikanaide Filipino Translyrics)

Well, I am late to jump in the wagon but I really love this song so much that I didn’t care if I’m years behind to contribute hah. Anyway, there are a lot of really awesome and wonderful English translyrics to this song out there so I thought, why no make something from my mother tongue? So that’s the short story of how this came to be.

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Hello. I’ll make this one short and simple.

I will be on an indefinite hiatus starting this month. I am under a load of real life commitments. I hope you all understand. Thank you, too, for keeping on visiting this site despite the lack of activity.

I hope to see you all soon.

Again, thank you.


さよならメモリー (Sayonara Memory) – 7!! (Seven Oops), Naruto Shippuuden Ending Theme EnglishTranslyrics

Well, what can I say…I slacked too much during the vacation. No, I was actually busy with fandoms and living the lazy life. But enough with the excuses. I recently watched a local showing of Naruto Shippuden and came across 7!!’s song, and I only needed the first five seconds to make myself get working. I really liked the play on the rhyme and I struggled with it, hahaha. That maware, maware, maware part really hit me hard that I couldn’t last five minutes without humming it.  I wanted to recreate that but I guess my skills aren’t enough to do that yet. Anyway, I hope I did this beautiful song some justice.

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Ame, Kimi wo Tsurete (EGOIST) English Translyrics

I can never translate to words how much I have loved this song the first time I heard it. The guitar parts, I could say, was the one who made me love it. Much like the namesake, it feels like this song is best played and pondered upon when it rains. (Cue in keeno’s in the rain album lol). Chelly’s soft and soothing voice was a perfect match for the strong instrumental. And her range! God, bless her vocal chords. Even if she’s hitting those high and power tones, she still sounds so sweet.

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一騎当千 (Ikkitousen) English Translyrics

First post of the year! Yes, this is another umetora song because yes, it’s umetora. You might have noticed my inclination to make translyrics for his uploads concerning Divine Diva. Well, who wouldn’t be compelled to do them?

It took me almost forever to figure out the kanjis from the PV and then I remembered that umetora posts his lyrics in his blog. Yay. How absent-minded of me.

I’m…honestly not so sure about some parts of it. Ugh. My brain’s twisting in more ways than allowed trying to find the right way to say things, and not in their literal meaning.

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