forbidden lover by L’Arc~en~Ciel English Translyrics

Done on a whim! forbidden lover is one of my favorite songs from Laruku (a few notches below Kasou and fate) and honestly, it took me a lot of time to get the hang of it. It’s quite a deep song and I really struggled with my interpretation and keeping the sounds and syllables close to the original as much as I can. And working with a little zing of alcohol made my brain to function slower hahaha.

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Kiritorisen English Translyrics

I couldn’t sleep properly last night since I left this hanging. Ugh, it’s a good thing my brain was in its right mood to actually think. I think this is the 3rd 40mP song that I’ve worked with. I tried to interpret the song more, rather than follow the translation, and I guess that worked a lot better with me. I saw how much ease there was when I was simply finding an interpretation to create the translyrics. The words would come naturally and my head hurt less (haha, honestly)! I hope to being able to work with more songs using this style.

Here is the link to the original off vocal.

And here is the new 8 wonder of Osamuraisan.

I hope you all enjoy these lyrics because I had lots while making them.

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[WIP] Kiritorisen English Translyrics

8 Osamuraisans in one video and that’s how it all began. After watching the talented guitarist perform his arrangement of 40mP’s song, the melody began to swirl in my head and I found myself unconsciously humming the tune for many times during the last 24 hours. I’ve heard the original arrangement of the song before but the overdose of the kimono-donning guitarist was the last straw and now, I’m stuck with this WIP. Ah, the wonders of those fingers… (yes, there’s a joke there.)

I’ve kinda been under the charm of posting the finished parts so here it is.



Written, composed and arranged by 40mP

English Translyrics: shiHoReloaded


I’m afraid that the time has come to remove the past away

When the feelings go monochrome, there’s a line to guide the way

It’s so easy to say goodbye, I can say it with a smile

Wouldn’t take me a day or two to forget the way it hurt


I swear that I love you till yesterday, but suddenly the sunshine turned into rain

I couldn’t see it all before, now it’s rolling right in front of my eyes


Reasons may be sentimental; I had to end our growing broken love affair

Over the mountains and the hills, this love was never meant to last

Can’t it be a simple ending, where everything can just be thrown to far away?

Cutting the dotted lines all through will never stop my tears in drying up


虎視眈々/ Koshitantan English Translyrics

YAY! Finally, I was able to finish one of my newest favorite songs. It was quite a work to do, since I tried to stick to the end rhymes as close as I could, while still retaining the meaning of the song (though I interpreted some lines, instead of translating). I guess all the hard work paid off, huh.

I’m super excited and thrilled to hear Umetora’s new work. I’m sure it would be as epic and catchy (and sexy, of course) like Koshi and Ifuu.

As what I’ve poseted from before, I used Descent87′s translation of the song.

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虎視眈々/Koshitantan English Translyrics [WIP]

Aaaah, this song is such an ear candy! Umetora has given us another amazing, catchy, and sexy song to feast on. With the Divine Divas working their magical voices together, it’s not so hard to fall in love with this upbeat and addictive song. As much as I would have wanted to do this song’s translyrics, it’s kinda hard for me to focus on it since life has been pretty…well, living up to its name. But I can’t contain the need to share this ASAP so, even if it’s just the first verse up to the chorus, I present a WIP of Koshitantan. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish this before the year ends.

Again, I’ve used Descent87’s translation of the song.


 虎視眈々/ Koshitantan (NND link)

Music & Lyrics: 梅とら (Umetora)

Vocal: Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Gumi, IA

English Translyrics: shiHoReloaded


The comfort within your voice is like a magical noise

A little tricky like a sweet candy

You start a revolution, and leave me in confusion

I can’t escape it, gimme your candy


We are in a world that’s just for us

What do you wanna do? Let’s be alive

Open our wings together we can fly…

Don’t you ever think this is a crime

There’s no lies, this love won’t lie


A simple 1,2,3 and now it’s you and me

I know that you wanna take it higher, and give it to me harder

Can you feel the passion that’s within?

Tonight the sky will be on fire as we’re burn the night

Within a 1,2,3, I’ve got your eyes on me

We’re speeding up our emotions, stopping’s not an option

Close to me is where you want to be as you fall down…