something that’s not a lyrics submission

announced this on twitter the other day but i just want to post it here as well

i’m currently working on a new english translyrics: Doushite Kim wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou by DBSK/TVXQ. i’m not really a fan of kpop but it’s healthy to get out and explore once in a while, right? 

also, i’m planning to do Tagalog translyrics of Yonjuunana. obviously, i’m still not over the yonjuu feelings. i’ve already made some parts, though they werent easy to make. i thought that it’ll be easier since its my native language but i figured that it wasn’t always the case. i’m aiming at not being too literal and focusing more on the context.


Yonjuunana English Translyrics

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have Yonjuunana, or as some fans would call it, Forty Seven, from MikitoP. Apparently, this was a sequel to his previous hit song Sarishinohara. We all were stabbed to the heart with the sad theme and message of Sarishinohara but Yonjuunana took us all into a steeper fall into the Feels Cliff, which proves that things could get a lot better. Aah, such is the beauty in heartbreaks.

I used Amesub’s translation for this translyrics.

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