pianissimo English Translyrics

It has come to my notice that the pianissimo translyrics has not been re-uploaded here, though it has originally been posted in YouTube, just in case certain events where access to YouTube and/or Tumblr are both inaccessible (and also for back-up purposes *wink*).


Requested by IZA, although I already had this done months ago. I had some time with this one, both editing and even when I was just starting to do this way back and this, so far, took me the longest to construct. I hope she likes this. :)

Sorry for the bad quality of the video’s photo. It was the most decent I could grab from google/pixiv.

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Donut Hole English Translyrics

Happy comeback to Hachi! We have all fallen for his charm and amazingness with Donut Hole! I’m not much of a Hachi fan but hearing this new upload that cause quite a festival in the community. Well, that’s only understandable.

Anyway, since I’m terrible at introductions, below is the translyrics I did for DH. A huge thanks to vgperson for his love for Hachi so now, we have a translation. I kinda walked my own way, using my own interpretations of the translation to arrive at what I have made.

Here is vgperson’s post of the lyrics.

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grief English Translyrics

In celebration to keeno’s album release (finally), in the rain, I decided to do at least one of the songs in there and chose my favorite one. Luckily, I found Descent87’s transliteration and used it as basis.  Personally, I’m much more inclined to Miku’s version, than with IA’s. Maybe because in my mind, keeno’s songs work best with Miku Append Dark, though IA’s version made some words clearer. But vocalists aside, this song sure kicks in some feels…after all, all keeno songs have given us all a moment or two of that  sweet heart-stabbing pain every time we listen to his songs.

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