Sweet Sweet Cendrillon Drug English Translyrics

Probably my most poetic, and metaphorical translyrics. I took the viewpoint of a person highly intoxicated from his ‘sweet’ drug, and the people around him are trying to ‘save’ him and he’s grown too fond of his addiction that he just won’t let anyone cut off his ties with his Cinderella.

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Jenga English Fanlyrics

Because every 40mP song is lovely.

NND link (Original): http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm9558887
Off Vocal NND link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm9700107



wo/mu: 40mP

English Fanlyrics: shiHoReloaded

Our feelings turn doubtful making love grow sinful
No compromising feature, there is only one winner
It’s not forever after, you will lose it when you gain it
I can never get the point in all of this Continue reading

Answer English Fanlyrics

Last year was one of the biggest years in Vocaloid song sequels. One of those songs was Answer, which gathered a lot of fans’ attention and love immediately after its release, and I was not an exception. Seeing Answer being uploaded can be one of the ‘fulfilling’ moments of many of the JBF fans’ lives.

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English Fanlyrics

Original lyrics: Dixie Flatline
Art: Mogelatte
English Fanlyrics: shiHoReloaded

NND link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm18458368
Off-vocal: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm18462982

It has been a while since it happened;
Years become a momentary blindness
From all the pain we felt and joy we could have spared

In the place we used to belong to,
And the future we longed to come true
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Party Junkie English Fanlyrics

off vocal: watch/sm19264174
original: watch/sm19251235
otsumo’s cover: watch/sm19396880 (this is sexy. i swear)

Music&Lyrics:さつき が てんこもり

English Fanlyrics: shiHoReloaded

keep on dancing! put your hands up!don’t stop movin! buddy!
It’s time to show the real you

please kiss and hold me tight and stay with me tonight
because don’t wanna cry dont let the words break us apart
keep on dancing! put your hands up!don’t stop movin! buddy!
It’s time to show the real party junkie Continue reading

サリシノハラ (Sarishinohara) English Fanlyrics

I used junjouAi’s translation for the song. This is the link to the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6LqXN0d8sg


original video: sm19042123
words, music: みきとP

English Fanlyrics: shiHoReloaded

I’m not backing down and I’m not giving up
I’m gonna stay with you, believe me it’s true
Past the days I felt so alone, the brightest star I’ve seen
is shining on me

Just ignore the hurtful, meaningless words
They never know the truth of what they believe
Even though I cant tell how it works, within my heart I know
it’s not worth it all

(It shows me when you smile..) Continue reading

Michiyuki (Loveless Ending Theme) English Fanlyrics

First of all, I would just like to say how sad and beautiful this song is. I have so much respect for Kajiura Yuki that I am always worried about how this would turn out. Hopefully, I wasnt a butchering fangirl this time.

To be really honest, I didn’t fancy the original version by Hikita Kaori. What made me do it was when FictionJunction KAORI perform this on one of Kajiura’s live performances. I might have been biased but I feel more with FJKaori’s version that with Hikita’s. Continue reading