aLIEz English Translyrics

My first Sawano! Yay!

Like most people, the first time I heard this song, I immediately fell in love with it and I knew that I would be enjoying listening to the OST when it comes out (which I really did uwu). I’m still getting used to mizuki’s vocals but I know it’ll soon grow in on me. I’d have to admit that I had a few pinch moments on the process of doing this since mizuki seems to be eating or slurring some of the words she’s saying, and her English/German is still on the improvement stage. But I know she’ll get past that soon. Let’s see next season.

Regarding the chorus parts, I played with it and considered the message of the song, and interpreted the mixed Japanese/English/German parts. I know some of you might have preferred the original but I wanted to experiment, and I think it could make sense (?) hahaha

Anyway, here is the Youtube link for the video lyrics, in case you want to check the timing and all.

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