Requests: Stuff About It

Receiving requests totes warms my heart. It makes me feel that somewhere out there, in this vast and diverse world, there are people who appreciate what I do and that they entrust me with this task. It’s melodramatic but it’s not everyday that someone of average skills like me get to have this chance. Therefore, I’ve decided to put up requests but here are a few guidelines that I’d just like to clarify. I know it’s tl;dr but it will be for the benefit of all.

Attached below is a form for you to fill up just in case you’re lazy enough to open the Contacts page and message me there. Aww, look at how much I love you guys. ;///;)

1. Please be clarified that direct translation from Japanese is not what this blog is all about. I am not fluent in Japanese and I , myself, refer to English translations of songs before I am able to create my own translyrics. I give credit to the sites that I have referred to because I think it is only proper netiquette and out of respect to these people who had given their efforts in translating.

2. I might not be able to update or upload the translyrics  as fast as you want. I am only a student and this is only a hobby. I made that clear in the About page so I ask for your time and consideration.

3. If you could only, please do send me a link of the song (preferably a Youtube link) and the translated lyrics. The translated lyrics need not to be sing-able. I just need to know the meaning of the song for me to create the translyrics.

4. For the Facebook/Yahoo!Mail/Youtube messaging system, please send in your request in this format:

Request: Song name, translyrics type (English or Filipino)

Include the name of the artist, the lyricist, composer and arranger of the song.

Note: Please specify if you want the song to be covered by either you and/or other people. I mostly post my translyrics in Youtube so that people who are interested in covering them can easily notify me. In case you want this only for you, I will still post them in Youtube but will make it clear that they will need your approval before using them. In that case, I will need you to give me a contact info.

5. If there is a certain image that you want me to use for the video, a link or even the image itself would be very much appreciated. If you are going to send me the image itself, please include the name of the artist and where he/she can be found (dA, pixiv, etc.)

6. If you’re on Youtube, and you want to cover a song, you are just a comment away. Although I’m not pretty strict about others using my translyrics, it can’t hurt to ask, right? It’s not like I’m going to eat you or something. Also, a video response of your cover is very much appreciated, though not required.

7. I accept being friends on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube but put up a note saying where you’re from and how we encountered, say, you had asked for a request or a cover. I manage quite a handful of sites, I don’t have much time thinking about how we came across each other.

8. This is a non-profit project. I do it out of passion and love for languages. If you ever encounter someone saying that I ask for money in return, do not believe them and report it to me ASAP.




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