Kakumei Dualism English Translyrics

YAY. One title off the list. This song didn’t really catch me tight like Preserved Roses but as I go through this translyrics, I came to like it as well, even better than PR. But still, both are amazing songs and I hope that TMR and Mizuki Nana would collaborate more. They both have powerful voices and there’s always that chill whenever they reach for those high notes together, in harmony.


I figured that color-coding this would be better, if you’re planning to cover the song? I mean, it gives you an idea when to do breathing or when to pull off that note in a better timing. Or maybe that’s just me. Hah.

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FLASH BACK English Translyrics

Aaaaaand, yes! Finally got the chance to complete this! Hah! So much for real life troubles and stuff. It wasn’t an easy and smooth ride, going through this song. I was even afraid that I’ve lost that ‘thing’ when I couldn’t even finish a couple of lines in one night. I felt deeply frustrated on that, ugh. But that’s been done. Let’s just enjoy this.

As reference, I used ohbito‘s romaji.

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