To Zanarkand (ザナルカンドにて) English ReFanlyrics

Back when I was really new in YouTube, I did an English fanlyrics for To Zanarkand, one of the two main themes (accdg. to wikia…) of Final Fantasy X. Well, couldn’t blame them for having this song dubbed as a main theme. This is such a beautiful melody and…it just speaks to you as if it was your soul.Unfortunately, my previous YouTube account got deleted and I wasn’t able to save a copy of my works there (despite the cringing it gives me…)

After a few years, I decided to take on this song another time. I admit the first time I did the lyrics were mostly about Yuna and Tidus, and I didn’t even know what Zanarkand is. So now, I want to grow out of that and evolve. I did read articles and explanations and stuff prior to making this so, hopefully, it’s a lot better and fitting now.

God, I ramble so much.


To Zanarkand English Fanlyrics

Music: Nobuo Uematsu

English Fanlyrics: shiHoReloaded


Dreaming ever since, listen to their hymn
Witness the memories live…again
Gather the lights in the haze…

Fly along the winds where their songs could never fade
Climb unto the hills where their souls are laid to rest
Feel the hearts who seek for their pats towards the calm
In this city that yearns for its end from all the harm

Longer than our forevermore
All these souls froze together
Longing for their salvation come
Trapped in the dark where no light ever shines

Dance above the waves of the past that never fades
Carve on every stone of the place to end the hate
March upon the road that will lead unto your death
In this city of dreams where the greatest one is made

Lives reborn and the lights unfurl
One more time…they are revived
Hymns are sung and their souls arrive
Into the place no Heaven can replace