Yonjuunana English Translyrics

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have Yonjuunana, or as some fans would call it, Forty Seven, from MikitoP. Apparently, this was a sequel to his previous hit song Sarishinohara. We all were stabbed to the heart with the sad theme and message of Sarishinohara but Yonjuunana took us all into a steeper fall into the Feels Cliff, which proves that things could get a lot better. Aah, such is the beauty in heartbreaks.

I used Amesub’s translation for this translyrics.

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サリシノハラ (Sarishinohara) English Fanlyrics

I used junjouAi’s translation for the song. This is the link to the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6LqXN0d8sg


original video: sm19042123
words, music: みきとP

English Fanlyrics: shiHoReloaded

I’m not backing down and I’m not giving up
I’m gonna stay with you, believe me it’s true
Past the days I felt so alone, the brightest star I’ve seen
is shining on me

Just ignore the hurtful, meaningless words
They never know the truth of what they believe
Even though I cant tell how it works, within my heart I know
it’s not worth it all

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