Wag Mo Kong Iwan (Ikanaide Filipino Translyrics)

Well, I am late to jump in the wagon but I really love this song so much that I didn’t care if I’m years behind to contribute hah. Anyway, there are a lot of really awesome and wonderful English translyrics to this song out there so I thought, why no make something from my mother tongue? So that’s the short story of how this came to be.

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Just Be Friends Filipino Fanlyrics

Uhm, it was just a spur of the moment. I wasnt really planning to make this but it the idea of translating the fanlyrics I made to my native tongue suddenly popped in my head.

The ‘Just be friends’ part in the beginning, middle and end part of the song was untouched. It would sound horribly awkward if I insisted on translating it. The basis for this was my own English fanlyrics which can be found in this link.

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